This is another free writing that I did this evening. I have been dealing with a lot of old emotional wounds and it has been taking a toll on my emotional, physical, and mental health. I had to go old school, back to pen and paper and just journal what ever came to me and this is what I got tonight.

Warrior of the Dark Knight

Do I have permission to tell my own story, my own truth? Do I even need to ask for permission? Why should I have to? Because what you did, your actions, embarrass you? Or is it because your lies will be exposed. I am tired of having my truth denied. I am ashamed that I haven’t spoken up sooner. I let your lies become my truths. I was naive. I didn’t speak up even when I should have. I looked the other way when I should have looked you in the eye.

I looked in the mirror and I see just a shell staring back at me. I can’t let this be who’ve I become. I am a warrior and I will fight the battles in my soul and burn off all of the old and dead, and do away with my old shattered reality. All that will survive is the truth and what will arise is a new reality; a healed soul; and a loving me.

~Kathleen Marie

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