I just wanted to let my followers know that I had to make an unexpected, emergency trip to the dentist to have one of my molars pulled. It did not want to come out, but it had no choice. I am working on a new post, but it will not be posted as soon as I had hoped. I am going to need a couple days to heal.

I haven’t written about my health yet, but I promise I will at some point. What I will say is that I have several health issues and they all link back to several connective tissue disorders. One of them that I have is a genetic connective tissue disorder that affects my collagen and because of this, it takes longer for my body to heal from simple cuts and scrapes. I bruise rather easily. I can rarely ever tell you how I got a bruise; just bumping into something gently can cause one to appear. Also, my skin tears easily. I find cuts and scrapes on my body quite often. These all take longer than normal to heal as well. So, a simple tooth extraction for a normal person may cause a little bleeding and discomfort, for me it can be quite an ordeal. I am not complaining, but I have learned that I heal much faster if I just allow myself to rest and not push myself during times of recovery.

My molar left behind a pretty big hole in my gums. I won’t get graphic here, but for a normal person, the dentist tells them to keep a gauze compress in the wound for about 30 mins and change dressing as necessary. Well, I am three hours in and I still have persistent bleeding.

I will try to stay somewhat active on my Facebook page and group, but if I don’t post as much as usual, it is because I am in the process of healing. I cannot be my best self if I do not allow time for my body to do what it is designed to do; therefore, it must be my first priority.

I appreciate everyone that helps me keep everything up and running, from my moderators on my Reality Refunded page and group, to my technical supports, and to those that choose to financially help support this growing community. I, also, appreciate all of the feedback that people have given me on my writings and my page as well. One of the things I appreciate the most are the individuals that I have never personally met before and took the courage to share with me a little bit of their life story. That means so much to me!

I hope this community will continue to share these writings and other quotes that are posted on the Facebook page and group, and I hope that people will invite others to join in our community. Let’s continue spreading love, compassion, and empathy a little more each day!

~Kathleen Marie

If my journals resonate with you and you would like to help support my efforts you can visit: https://www.patreon.com/realityrefunded to make a donation or become a supporting member. If you do become a supporting member, you will also receive exclusive content that is not shared on any of my other social media platforms.

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