This website is in its infancy, but I hope to bring some inspiring true stories, along with a parable or two or ten. Please be patient while this site is under construction. What I hope to convey through this medium is a safe space to share my experiences in life and what lead me up to questioning my reality: hence the name of this site: Reality Refunded!

Some may call what I went through, and still going through, a spiritual awakening, while others may call it a midlife crisis. Either way, it led me to a path of self-healing, both mentally and physically. Life is full of ups & downs, and twist & turns. My hope is that though sharing my journey, I may touch the heart of another.

I would like this platform to be used in a positive, caring, and compassionate manner with the hopes of reaching someone, anyone; even if it is just one, with the message that you are not alone. I have also started a Facebook page and a private group chat via Facebook as well, in hopes to build a community that can offer support and encouragement through compassion and empathy.

~Kathleen Marie

Photo Credit: David Alberto

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