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Hi! I will give you a little background history as to who I am and my intentions behind starting this website. Let’s start with my name. I use the author name Kathleen Marie. People that are close to me know me by Stacy, which is my legal name; however, I chose the name Kathleen Marie because I felt that it was very fitting with the topics I am going to explore through my journals. Who knows, if you continue to follow my writings, you may just find out the meaning behind Kathleen Marie.

I recently turned 39 and I am a single mother of two children. Now that my children are almost grown and I am not in constant parent survival mode, I have spent a lot of time this past year reflecting on my own personal life and have been putting the pieces of my life story together one puzzle piece at a time. As I started doing this, I started to realize that there was so much more to every story; every experience; and every relationship that I have ever had. I, also, learned that every single moment of my life was influenced by so many outside and even invisible influences that the version of my story, or my perception could easily be changed just by taking into account one or two different aspects. Each person can be in the same place, at the same time, experiences essentially the same event, and every single person will have their own personal account of that story and no two stories will be exactly alike. The more I pondered this, the more fascinated I became in changing my own reality. I told myself that I needed to heal from my past and that it was time to refund my past reality and exchange it for a more loving and positive one.

The intention behind Reality Refunded is to share with anyone interested, my personal and authentic hardships, trials, traumas, and illnesses. I want to share how experiences shaped my life and how I have learned to heal from them. I, also, want to share some personal spiritual and transformative stories that I have experienced and how these experiences gave me strength and hope in times that I really just wanted to give up. I want to stay as authentic as possible with my journals, but some of my stories may seem a little vague or gray to spare any harm to other people that shared in my experience.

My hope is to show people that it is ok to be your authentic self and vulnerability is a strength; not a weakness. I want to grow a community of like-minded individuals that want to share in the collective in becoming a more caring, compassionate, and loving community; allowing for each to grow into their own authentic power and heal by embracing all of one’s pieces.

  • Hello World!

    July 30, 2019 by

    This website is in its infancy, but I hope to bring some inspiring true stories, along with a parable or two or ten. Please be patient while this site is under construction. What I hope to convey through this medium is a safe space to share my experiences in life and what lead me up… Read more

  • Emotional Intelligence

    October 14, 2019 by

    I have been working on developing my emotional intelligence skills and I find that to be quite challenging. I think of it like being in a pool and everyone is walking in the same direction long enough that it creates a whirlpool with a very strong current that you can literally just ride the current.… Read more

  • Permission

    October 9, 2019 by

    This is another free writing that I did this evening. I have been dealing with a lot of old emotional wounds and it has been taking a toll on my emotional, physical, and mental health. I had to go old school, back to pen and paper and just journal what ever came to me and… Read more

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